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All my thoughts, reviews and tips as a minimalist fellow

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Dingbats notebooks

Review of the vegan and eco-friendly notebooks from Dingbats, a family business from Lebanon.

Minimalist travel towel

Yet another article about those light microfiber travel towels? Nay! Today we’re going to look for a vegan and petroleum-free towel that will not make your bag weight a tonne…

Nuuna notebooks

Review of the minimalist and high-quality notebooks from Nuuna, a German Brand.

Things I don’t own

Most minimalist posts on the web focus on what the person owns. What about what they don’t?

Vegan & petroleum-free

It’s easy to find vegan alternative to almost everything that exists on this planet. But what about vegan AND not petroleum-based products?

The blog evolves

I'm back on the blog. Here is a summary of the new categories, features, and all of the changes to come!

Shower without soap

How to wash without soap or any other products while staying fresh!

Minimalist website

How I build this minimalist website using pelican, minimal code, minimal features, and serving only static content.

Minimalist cooking

Taking minimalism into the cooking process. How to cook with minimal gear and preparation?

Minimalist talk

Your house and your bag have been decluttered? But what about your mouth?

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