All my stuff

Note: I updated this post to reflect how my project evolved.

Here is the list of all the stuff I took with me as I left France for a long trip, starting by Thailand. I did however leave the airport with my foldable backpack on my back to avoid looking suspicious. Even with that I was questioned at check in: “you only have this?”. I had to show that I had a returning ticket even though I had the visa already.

I will review some of these items individually. At this point the list has around 30 items, number I will try to reduce with time. The pictures below show everything except my phone, my flip flops and the siwak.

All my items when travelling without a bag, except my phone

8 items on myself

  • A basic T-shirt, 100% cotton. Now replaced by a merino T-shirt.
  • A tencel/modal boxer (bought at meundies), very nice to wear and hygienic. Tencel has similar properties as merino wool.
  • Basic, cheap cargo trousers. 100% cotton.
  • Hippobloo flip flops, 100% natural rubber, made in Thailand.
  • An old leather belt. I now avoid buying leather.
  • A shemagh bought at a military store.
  • Reading glasses. No spare ones.
  • A shirt, that I hang with my gourd if it's hot.
  • Polarized Sunglasses. Lost and never replaced them.
  • A paracord bracelet, King Cobra style. I dropped it.

11 items in my cargo trousers

My cargo trousers have four legs pockets, two classic sides pocket and two in the back. It contains:

  • My passport, in a plastic bag to protect from the rain. In the “secret” pocket. I dropped the secret pocket. Security is overrated.
  • My id, always in a different pocket than the passport
  • My wallet, made from a kraft bag for the size of Thai bills. I keep coins in my back pocket and avoid them as much as possible.
  • A second boxer
  • A smartphone. I use a Nexus 5x.
  • The smartphone usb-c charger. Bulky… but it could be worse.
  • Earphones for music and films. I don't use it often, though.
  • A thin cotton handkerchief to avoid disposable ones.
  • A thin pen.
  • Two small metal mint boxes with medical and useful stuff. The pictures below show the content of each box. (edit: I now use only one box).
  • A customized linen towel. Replaced by a washing glove, smaller.
  • An extra small linen napkin to avoid disposable ones. I dropped it.

Box 1

Box 2

5 items hanging

  • A foldable backpack, 20 litres. It's usually clip to my belt.
  • A gourd attached with paracord and a carabiner. I use a Klean Kanteen reflect, no plastic, no paint, all inox and a bit of silicon. I love them, especially this model.
  • A carabiner with a paracord lanyard that goes in my pocket; on it:
    • Hostel keys when needed.
    • A multitool knife I bought after landing. It is terrible, from 7/11. Worse scissors ever. Remind me of the movie 127 hours.
  • A book, “Walden”, that I slip into my shemagh

Problem with those items:

  • I use a sea-to-summit day pack as foldable backpack for shopping or carrying the food. Sadly it is already scratched after only 15 days. I like it but that's the second one that is destroyed, they are just not reliable, Cordura fabric is too fragile. Plus, I'd rather find a natural alternative.
  • The Klean Kanteen bottle, while being an awesome gourd is heavier than aluminum or titanium alternative. I just prefer inox for durability, and I can put it on a fire to boil water if needed. Titanium is crazy expensive.
  • The shemagh is bulky, but it serves so many purposes I think it is worth it.
  • A brief would be less bulky than a boxer, but I just don't find them comfortable. And I'm not ready to go “no underwear.”

Stuff I'm looking for

  • An extra small usb-c charger
  • Barefoot sandals for running and walking, vegan and petrol free. I will most likely have to make them myself from my flip flop and some hemp rope.


The list of items I carry while travelling without a bag in constantly changing to adapt to my needs but it gives you a good idea on how I did it. The more I travel and the more I tend to get rid of additional things.