Shower without soap

What?! Gross!

Two years ago I read an article about the subject and was surprised about one fact: I didn’t even think about the possibility to wash without soap. I was so conditioned by society and advertisement that I had accepted that soap was a mandatory thing to use to wash.

Truth is you absolutely do not need soap to wash your skin. Neither do you need it for the hair, but it could be way more challenging and I will talk about it in a future post.

How to

The key to shower without soap is to scrub a little bit more. Insist under the delicate zones that are prone to be dirty. Some people might want to use some tool to scrub, but I only use my hands. You may need to use soap on occasion if something really greasy is on you. And that’s it, really. The soap is sort of an aggression to the body, so it reacts by producing more sebum. This is why your body might need a week or two to adapt.

What about the smell?

You might be afraid of body odors. Just ask a friend who will tell you that you don’t. If you do, you probably didn’t scrub enough! This could also be due to a bad balance in your body. For example I’ve noticed acid smell from people who are not drinking enough water. I sometimes use baking soda mix with water or green clay.

Is it healthy?

Most dermatologists will tell you it’s unhealthy because you don’t remove the dead cells. I don’t think they actually bother to try it out themselves. In fact I saw one for a check up recently and she said nothing except that my skin was perfectly fine. I haven’t notice dead cells running around trying to kill me lately either.

I stopped using soap for two years now. One noticeable fact is you will most likely be more aware of your body odors. This is because there is no perfume to hide it. Smelling “nothing” is unnatural. You should have your own smell; it doesn’t have to be a bad one. In fact some people are even dating based on body odors!

Pros & Cons


  • More minimalist
  • Lighter when travelling
  • No skin aggression, might cure skin diseases
  • Awareness of body balance
  • Better sense of smell
  • Environment friendly, especially if washing into a river
  • Save money


  • Soap sellers will hate you!

Final thought

If you travel without a bag or lightweight, you can drop your soap! I do have one, but I use it for laundry when I’m in transit. Try it for one week and after that using soap will probably feel unnatural! If you try, please share your impressions on twitter!