Minimalist cooking

If you have already embraced the minimalist philosophy, you have probably decluttered – more or less – your kitchen. Removing useless accessories, barely used spices… The next step, for me, was to make the cooking process itself minimalist.

While I tried to remove as much pots and pans as I could, I started to think about how to transform the recipes I liked so that I could make them using only one big pot. I also gave my wok and my pans away.

If you are vegan and eat raw, you will have the advantage. You can even drop the pots and pans! But if you want to cook you can experiment and either cook everything in the same pot or do it step by step clearing the pot each time. I will not give you my recipes, don't want to spoil the fun!

You can also simplify the recipe itself by using fewer ingredients, think carefully about how they go together, or about what your body need at the moment. This makes the cooking faster, easier, fewer dishes. But this is also easier for your body to process simple food. Some people try to limit to four or five ingredients.

Some will argue that this is boring, that you will eat always the same thing or cannot do this delicious recipe. As often we see what is missing instead of what arises from the void. You need a pan two times a year? Good time to meet the neighbour to ask for one. Bored? Invite a friend to the restaurant. Always eating the same thing? Time to get creative or share ideas!

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