Minimalist talk

I recently visited Happy Healing Home an organic farm near Chiang Mai, Thailand. I had the chance to meet Pinan Jim – Pinan means Brother / Sister – a former monk who is now taking care of an organic farm with his wife Pinan Tea.

One of the recurring teachings of Pinan Jim is to not “talk bullshit”. He means by that not talking about meaningless stuff, but also use few words. The Thai language is apparently better that westerner ones for that. Basically: we have two ears, two nostrils, two eyes, two hands, but only one mouth and shall use it in the same proportion.

There is a lesson for us, minimalists. It's not only about reducing physical and virtual possession. We can also make our presence lighter. Have you ever felt that someone talking too much was making you feel kind of heavy? The same goes for writing. This is a difficult exercise for me, as an inexperienced writer, but as an example I only attach pictures to my post if it serves a purpose. I do my best to avoid empty words, long sentences or repetitions.

Did you notice the tune of the bird who sang 2 minutes ago? The light of the rising sun? The wind blowing to notify you of the rain coming? Or where you too busy talking bullshit?

“I don't think...”
“then you shouldn't talk”, said the Hatter.

— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland