The blog evolves

It’s been a while since I didn’t post in here and I recently decided to start the blog again as well as making it evolve a little bit. Below you will find the list of the changes that I plan to do.

What will change

New “reviews” category

I’ve been thinking about writing reviews for a while and time has come to start! I will probably add some sponsored links to get some income from the blog but I don’t plan to write sponsored posts for now. This means I will basically review products I love or that I believe could be useful for a minimalist.

New “Vegan & Petroleum free” category

I will focus some posts on vegans and petroleum free alternatives to all sort of products, mainly everyday items: water bottle, shoes, toothbrush… I have made a lot of research for myself, and I realized I should share it so that others can save some time looking around! Learn More.


I’m planning to add a comments section. I’ve been frustrated to not have feedback from you, my dear readers, because I cannot improve my posts or add your suggestions. Feedback is a great source of motivation!


Due to the comment section I will have to add JavaScript to my blog. So I will also add some statistics to know which posts are popular. Everything will be 100% anonymous.

Affiliated links

I would like to spend more time on the blog, but for that I will need to get a light income from it. I will try out some affiliated links on products I truly like. It will always be specified if a link is affiliated or if I get any sponsoring.

Stay connected!

All of this will take time, but I’m already almost done with the new design. Follow me on twitter to stay up to date and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me if you have some comments!