Vegan & petroleum-free

It’s easy to find vegan alternative to almost everything that exists on this planet. But what about vegan AND not petroleum-based products?

If you look closer, extracting petroleum does a lot of harm to wild life as well as polluting the air, the soils, the oceans… It makes no sense to me to avoid killing a cow but buy leather free shoes if the plastic in the alternative is going to end up as micro-beads in the sea, intoxicating sea life and human who feeds from it.

Recycling plastic doesn't change a thing to that. Humanity invested way too much into recycling plastic. Most people see this as a good thing. The right thing to do was to make a priority to find a clean replacement. Recycling is like using an electronic cigarette to stop smoking. Sorry, but you're still addicted!

For that reason I started to look for vegans and petroleum-free alternatives to most products I use. And for some it’s damned hard, if not impossible… I will start posting about it from now on in a new category that I will call for now “vegan+”. You’re welcome to offer a better name, “vegan and petroleum-free” being way too long for my minimalist soul — and “petrovegan” does sound too much like a dangerous robot from Doctor Who, wanting to kill all humans on earth. Send me your suggestions on twitter!